10 Facebook Ads You Should be Running Right Now

10 Facebook Ads You Should be Running Right Now

If you’re currently taking advantage of Facebooks HUGE pool of responsive traffic to grow your business then this is a must read….
Make notes and take action because people (myself included) have paid a lot of money to learn the strategies discussed in this article!
Last week I asked a few selected members of my recently launched course ‘Likeable to Profitable‘ what is the hardest part about learning how to do Facebook Ads as part of your online marketing.
I had already formulated 3 alternatives for them to select:
  • The creative part of building the ads
  • Understanding who you need to target
  • Understanding the technical aspects of using Power Editor
But I didn’t expect the answer most of them came back with: Creating an advertising strategy.
Alright, I’ll give you the long version:
  • I don’t just want to run an ad, I want to have a plan that I can implement on an ongoing basis
  • I want to figure out which ads I should be running, when, and who I should be targeting
  • Understanding what campaigns to run at different stages of the sales funnel
So I decided to put together a set of 10 ads you should be running regularly, at different stages, to target different audiences. These are some of the ads we run for SocialMouths.



Ad Campaigns to get Page Likes
1) Recent visitors of your website
  • Ad: Page Like
  • Audience: Website Custom Audience
A Page Like Ad that targets recent visitors to your website. You can do this by creating a Website Custom Audience, this is a simple as placing a little code snippet called “Custom Audience Pixel” into your website. It’s provided by Facebook and you can install it on all pages across your website or on one or more specific pages.
A Website Custom Audience can be configured to target users that visited your site on the next day or keep them in your audience for as along as 180 days, after that they are automatically removed.
This is a great option because you know these are people that have an interest in what you do, they have already been to your site and they will probably recognize your business when they see it on their news feed.
2) Your email subscribers
  • Ad: Page Like
  • Audience: Your email subscribers
A Page Like Ad that targets individuals that have previously signed up for your email list. You need to export your email list from your service provider, they usually offer the option to export into a CSV file. You will need to create a Custom Audience and import your email list to Facebook. These records are then matched with Facebook users and an audience is created for you to use in your ads.
A match is successful only when the email address the person used to sign up for your email list is the same used for Facebook, so chances are the match will not be 100%.
This Audience is highly targeted, these individuals have expressed interest in your business by signing up to your email. But you already know what I think about email marketing.
3) Fans of Similar Pages
  • Ad: Page Like
  • Audience: Based on Interest – Similar Pages
Another great option is to target people that have Liked a page that is either your competitor or it complements your business.
This is as simple as selecting the name of the desired Facebook Page under Interest. This will obviously be a little less targeted than the other 2 options but you can still target people that has some interest in your niche or type of product.
Facebook Page Like Ad Campaign
Important: Always remember to exclude your Fans from the Audience.
Facebook ad audience connections



Facebook Ad Campaigns to grow your Email List
4) Turn your Fans into Email Subscribers
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Your Fans
One of the most important steps in your marketing funnel is to turn your Fans into email subscribers. This can be easily achieved by promoting a free product such as an Ebook or running a promotion or a contest that requires participants to register with an email address.
Targeting your Fans is probably the most effective audience you can have on Facebook, so you should expect a higher conversion rate.
5) Promote your free product to Fans of similar Pages
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Based on Interest – Similar Pages
A little less targeted than tapping into your own Fanbase, but still some level of interest if you target the right prospects. Again, in this case you are targeting people that Like other Pages that complement your business in some way or be more aggressive and go for Fans of your direct competitors [Insert evil laughter here].

Facebook Ads to sell your products


Facebook Ad Campaigns to sell your products
6) Sell your products to Fans
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Fans
This is the one ad every marketer wants to be successful at. Things are not as easy as they sounds, ideally by the time your Fans sees this ad, you have already been providing value and earning their trust. This is probably not an ad that you want to be running permanently, but be strategic about it.
7) Sell your products to your email subscribers
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Your email subscribers
When you launch a new product, usually the first audience to get hit with the offer is your email list, after all this is most qualified lead you can have in your business today. I like running an ad on Facebook targeting this same group, it works great as a follow up.
8) Sell your products to recent visitors of your Sales Pages
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Recent visitors to your sales/product pages
We talked about Remarketing before in this post, what’s different in this case is that instead of targeting website visitors, we will be targeting people that visited an specific sales page or a product page within your site.
This works because we know this person showed interest by visiting that specific page.
Important: When you run ads with the objective of a website conversion, you should set up a “Conversion Tracking Pixel” in order to track sales completed as a result of your ad. This pixel is a small piece of code provided by Facebook for you to install on your website, more specifically, it should be install on the success page where the user lands after completing a purchase on your site.



Ad Campaigns to promote your content
9) Promote your posts to your Fans
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Your Fans
This specific ad is more important than ever, since the decline of Organic Reach. I want to make sure I reach as many Fans as possible. Why? In my case, these are usually blog posts from SocialMouths, this is how I deliver value, build trust and authority. That content is what earns me the right to make an offer later on.
Consider promoting all your content to your Fans. Of course we are excluding content from other sources.
10) Promote your posts to Fans of similar Pages
  • Ad: Page Link Post
  • Audience: Based on Interest – Similar Pages
This is not something you should run on a permanent basis. I like promoting a post to other audiences, in this case people that Like similar Pages, when I think it’s an important piece of content, something that has an specific goal.
Like I said before, under Interest, target people that Likes specific Pages.



Like I said at the beginning, these are some of the ads we try to be running most of the time at casa de SocialMouths, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add other pieces. For example, Lookalike Audiences can be a good option to try.
You can test creating a Lookalike Audience after your Email Audience.
Many people don’t consider “Categories” a good option, I think it really depends on your type of business. If you run an online Pet Shop, wouldn’t you like to test targeting people that have a history of buying pet food online?
The point is, you business might be a little different, so feel free to adjust, eliminate or add other ads.

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