9 Steps to Becoming a Successful Facebook Affiliate




Facebook is one of the top ranking social websites on the internet and can effectively be used for developing brand awareness and customer engagement if done properly. According to an estimate, 15% of the world’s population spends their leisure time on Facebook, which compels many companies to guess on Facebook marketing practices. The following techniques can help in getting your product, service or message in front of a hugely targeted market.

1. Plan before you proceed

Unplanned effort in different directions is of no avail. Outlining your goal is the first thing to determine before you start setting up a Facebook page. It includes categorization of your campaign into brand awareness, brand promotion, and others. Also, you need to note down your target audience and understand who it is you are marketing to.  A good way to do this is by creating an avatar of your average customer.

2. Engaging Posts win Audience

Facebook uses it’s algorithms to determine where and how your post will show up in the news feed of any user. Including call to actions, photos, videos, and other engaging material in your posts can help engage the viewers and gain fans. Making your posts according to the Facebook Edge Rank criterion will allow maximum exposure and reach to your posts.

3. First Impressions Matter

First impression, they say, is the last impression. To make sure that people come back to your page it is important to post new and engaging content. Posting interesting content is the significant factor that helps build a successful and interested Facebook community. Don’t be carried away trying to make the posts interesting that you go completely irrelevant to what your business is about. Posting funny content once in a while can be engaging.

4. Sponsored Stories Help

Instead of depending solely on Facebook paid advertisement, try the free advertisements. This method is equally useful for low budget advertisers and those with sufficient budgets as it can bring you a consistent and long-term boost. Sponsored stories and promoted posts are the most common features that Facebook professionals prefer to use.

5. Variety Takes the Lead

Posting in a same style maybe helpful in the start but your audience will always appreciate variety. This will allow you not only to keep people engaged and curiosity but also to test different ideas to get your hands on the best working formula.

 6. Offers Engage users

What helps more than anything to gain user attention is your offers. Come up with creative ideas for your offers to make them unique as many advertisers are already throwing offers to pull in the customers. Yours must be something unique to evoke interest.

7. Image Ads are more engaging

Among the flood of the news feed, images help your posts to stand out and gain higher engagement. Multiple images within one ad provide extra variety and success as long as you can keep your ads in line with the Facebook rules. Keep a check on the number of images and the image size before you publish the posts to avoid and negative results.

8. Existing Leads are with Better Prospects

You can promote your posts to the users you have already have done business with. The procedure includes upload of your mailing list and using the custom audience feature to target the existing leads. This will increase the prospects of conversions.

9. Pick Your Targets Well

No matter how much you work to make your posts interesting…if you can’t reach the target audience you are losing the game. Determining the target audience is among the initial steps of Facebook planning where you plan the nature of your marketing goal. Facebook includes targeting facilities with which you can target your desired audience. Using the advanced targeting features such as age, location, workplace, gender, language, relationship status, and others will help you to get your adverts in front of a hungry section of prospects.

Avoid frequent mistakes such as posting too often and posting irrelevant content. Just as frequent posting can lead to fans hiding your posts from their news feed, infrequent posting can divert their attention.

I hope this post helps in understanding what is needed to be a successful affiliate on Facebook. I would love to hear from you on whether you have tried the above strategies and how effective they have been to you. Also, if you know of any marketing success techniques then please share it here with us.

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