My name is James Croft, thanks for dropping by my blog.
I’m all about positive thinking, getting stuff done and living life on my own terms and I welcome the opportunity to show people how they can do the same.
My online journey began, and my interest in becoming an Entrepreneur, started a few years ago when out-of-the-blue my dad became seriously ill. His illness was a total shock to the family. He developed a rare reaction to Warfarin (blood thinning medication) called Calciphylaxis, for which there is no known cure.
To say that his future looked bleak was an understatement, however, as a family, we all pulled together to get him through it as best we could. I realised that, for my part, the best help I could give him was to be around to help my mum, Jo, look after him. She still had a full-time job to do and had become the main income earner, and at that point, I wasn’t trapped in the 9-5 grind, so it seemed only right that I should stay at home to care for him.
To this day, I’m very grateful for the precious time we spent together and with the help of a brilliant team of doctors, he got through it, although it forced him into early retirement from doing a job which he loved. It was whilst taking my dad to hospital three days a week for life-saving infusions, that I started to think about how I could make a bit of extra money, whilst still having the freedom and flexibility to focus on more important things that were going on in my life at this time.
Have you ever been in a similar situation, or know of anyone else who has and can relate to this? I absolutely had to find an alternative to having to jump through someone else’s hoops in a ‘normal’ job, trading my time for money.
Time is what matters most, money allows us more of it.
In the early days, I managed to find a system online which involved building WordPress blogs and ranking them on Google, pointing traffic to various affiliate products. This worked well until Google changed the ways in which it ranks sites, and so I woke up one morning and they’d all disappeared, along with the commissions they were generating. It was all gone, but I learnt a lot of valuable lessons.
Thankfully, my dad’s health improved, although he hasn’t worked since which made me realise the importance of future proofing yourself in the face of any potential crisis, as you just never know what life may throw at you or your loved ones. For a long time, I searched for a way in which I could give myself and those I care about the security of not needing to rely on a ‘traditional’ job or be submissive to a government and society which dictates where and when I work. My number one aim was to be in a position whereby myself and my family, both present and in the future, will always be in a positive position to deal with whatever life throws at us.
I am not a millionaire with a big house and fancy cars and I am definitely not claiming to be a guru or anything like that. I’m 31, living in London and currently have a job which I enjoy. However, being able to build a business in my spare time, having found the right training, products and systems, PLUS excellent support, will allow me to secure my freedom and security for the future. Everything I’m doing now will provide me with the freedom of time and freedom of choice so I can live my life on my terms.
If any of the above resonates with you, and you would like me to help you explore the options available to you, then get in touch with any questions and don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook and I’ll get straight back to you. Whatever you decide, I wish you the success you deserve..
To the moon!