Ever wanted to jump on board the webinar train but held back due to an responsive or small list? Check out this article from E. Brian Rose and his creation Webinar Swaps


For more than a year, I have focused a good majority of my business on webinars. I even teach courses that show other marketers how to master the art of the webinar. Why? Because they convert better than any other method of promotion that I have ever been involved in… and believe me, I have been involved in a lot!

Up until recently, it was difficult for the average person to get involved in these high converting presentations. You either had to be a product creator, own a large and responsive list, or drive tons of traffic to your blogs. Oh what a difference a year makes!

Last week, the world’s first webinar affiliate network launched. It’s called Webinar Swaps and it allows anybody to jump on board the webinar money train, regardless of list size or the amount of traffic that you can drive to a website. In fact, you no longer even need a website to start making money with webinars.

The average static sales page on the Internet converts at just around two and a half percent. Webinars convert upwards of forty percent. It’s pretty much a no brainer which one you should be promoting.

Take a couple of minutes to watch the video below.


Yes, that was my voice in the video! How did I sound? :)

Webinar Swaps is a concept that I came up with almost a year ago. I knew that there had to be a way for people of all experience levels to jump on the gravy train and this was it. About six months ago, I teamed up with Bryan Zimmerman and Chad Casselman to make this vision a reality. Zim is a whiz at promotions and Chad can code his way out of a (insert something that is hard to get out of here).

Webinar Swaps held its first webinar last Friday and it was a grand slam. Hundreds of affiliates promoted and thousands of dollars were paid out in a matter of just two hours. The product creators are happy because they fill up the seats in every webinar they present and the affiliates are happy because they are making bank! After that first webinar, everybody was hooked.

I don’t care what your experience level is, Webinar Swaps can create a windfall affiliates of all experience levels. It can easily double, triple, or quadruple your income in just a matter of days.

The sign up process takes less than a minute. Once you are a member, you can click the “Upcoming Webinars” link to see what’s on the menu. If you are logged in, then you will also see a “Promote” button next to each webinar listing. Click that button and you will get whisked to a page that contains all of your affiliate tools, including your affiliate link and pre-written swipe ads that you can send out or post onto your blogs.

If you are a list owner, broadcasting invitations to your list is the easiest way to get your subscribers into the webinars. If you are an active list swapper, then you might want to consider using the free invites as your swaps.

Those of you without mailing lists can still get in on the action. Many of our affiliates are promoting their affiliate links with solo ads, pay per click, Twitter, FaceBook, blogs, etc. We have a few folks that are even using Google to get the word out. Once you become a member affiliate at Webinar Swaps, you will have access to ongoing training that will show you how to get people to come to your webinars, with or without a list.

You might be thinking that I am bias, being one of the founders, but I can tell you with 100% sincerity that I would be using Webinar Swaps every single day even if your were the creator of the site. It’s a complete no brainer.

You can join Webinar Swaps by clicking here.


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