Making your first $ online IS NOT easy! Period.  In fact it feels at the time, almost impossible!!

What’s even worse is that you are constantly reminded by people who are doing it, about how easy it is and that how the latest course/product on the market will make you $2,383 whilst you are sleeping and that soon you’ll be able to quit your boring, time consuming 9 to 5.

Working online is not a quick fix.  There is no magic button that will turn your computer into an overnight ATM, I’m sorry to say this but making money online is a business and it WILL take time.

Once you commit to this life for the long-term you’ll be amazed at how much easier things become, trust me!  Do you want financial freedom and time to do whatever you want, when you want?  Then set yourself long-term goals and tell yourself that you’re in this for the long run, you’ll soon see that the pressure you place on yourself eases and things become easier.

Just like most people, I struggled to make good money online for ages.  As soon as something started to work it stopped just as quickly.  Whenever I found the next product, I was too late and missed the boat, it just didn’t work anymore.  Whilst this was happening my inbox was being bombarded by people telling me how easy it was, “liars and conmen”, I thought to myself. Sound familiar?

Look, I’ve been so close to quitting before. In fact, I have quit before!  If you are ever thinking of quitting, remember this….

You owe it to yourself to make this work and have the life that you dream of.  No financial restraints, no time restrictions, options….freedom.

Quitting is for people who aren’t passionate enough, for people who don’t make things happen.  I am by no means wealthy, and I’m still constantly making mistakes still but, I have a long-term goal and I will never regret not making it work.




Next time you think about packing it all in, ask yourself this:

How would you feel in 5 years time knowing you had a chance to be in a better position?

Hard work pays off and working online is no different. Put the hours in now and you’ll reap the rewards later. 

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