Ever heard of a guy called Victor Pride?

He’s an American earning an online living, no 9-5, no boss, no restrictions.

His writing is brutally honest and if you’re struggling for motivation (which we all are from time to time) then I highly recommend checking out his blog: Bold & Determined

Here is a great post on what it takes to live and earn online and enjoy a life of complete freedom…


I recently met a rich lady at a private airport in the Philippines. A nice lady. We were waiting for our airplane, which in the Philippines always seem to run late, so we chit chatted about this and that.

She told me about her home on a private island, I told her about my home in Bangkok. We chit chatted a bit about Texas where she lives full time and where I used to live full time.

She asked me what I do for a living and I gave her the standard vague response, “I work on the internet”.

She said to me: “Can I ask you a personal question? Do you live well?”

To which I responded “Yes”.

I live well because I do not place limits on myself.

The average man’s life can be summed up into 3 words: Limit without benefit.

The average man limits himself, he isn’t limited by external forces. If a man was born in the he west has no real time limits, geographical limits, relationship limits, job limits, or monetary limits. Free men of the west are free to go anywhere, do anything legal and make as much or as little money as they want. Instead of realizing this potential, they limit themselves.

These limits are all self-imposed. You truly are free to do as you please as long as you follow the rule of law. You can go anywhere, you can make all the money you want, and you can have the relationship you want.

But what does the average man do?

  • He limits his earning by taking a 9-5 job. A 9-5 job puts a limit on your earning ability and robs you of your youth. The man with a 9-5 job always says the same thing, “I don’t have time”. That’s because it has been rationed away. The “free” time of the average man is spent in front of the television or at the local watering hole. The average American watches 5+ hours of television per day. That’s a part time job. In these 5+ hours per day a man could be building a business.
  • He limits his reality by pretending he will live well after retirement, pretending that when he is old and decrepit he will finally live like a king.
  • He limits himself by putting himself into massive debt for a house, cars and “education”.
  • He limits himself by getting married. Western marriage is a one sided benefit for the woman. For the man there is no benefit, for the woman there is only benefit yet the average man will still get married to an aging, fattening harpy with attitude and baggage.

The average man puts all these limits without benefits onto himself and then he complains of the outcome. Well when you limit yourself there is no other outcome but shit.

The good news is that it can all be turned around. The change can happen tomorrow morning. I used to be limited as well. I “didn’t have the time”. I had “bills to pay”. I “didn’t have the right piece of paper on the wall to get a ‘good’ job”.

I sold my soul too, but I bought it back. I put in the time, I built businesses, I eliminated debt and I created freedom.

Comically I get a bunch of rude comments from broke as a jokesters who accuse me of being born with a silver spoon. I wasn’t, but to these “people” being born to smart parents who looked after you is a crime. I can trace my ancestry back two hundred years. Two hundred years of blue collar workers who never rose above or left wealth behind.

If you come from average or poor parents it means nothing about your future. My own family has chosen to time waste and rot. What means everything is your attitude, will and spirit.

The difference between the rich and the poor is twofold:

  1. The rich have a “can do” attitude and aren’t afraid of money. The poor have a “can’t do” attitude and are afraid of money.
  2. The rich have boundless energy and are always working and building something. The poor give away their time and then rot away doing nothing productive.

Creating money and freedom is little more than a mindset. It takes nothing more than the will to achieve and the action to follow the will. Erase the limited mindset and develop a limitless mindset. Anyone who can read can become successful monetarily.

Attitude and action is for the doers. Complaints and time-wasting is for the dreamers who are “waiting for retirement”. To me it looks as though they are waiting to die. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if someone wants to waste their life. I only associate with other achievers. Over-achievers help bring you up a level, under-achievers help to take you down to their level and they should be cut out.

Over-achievers know that it’s about attitude, will and spirit. If you truly want it, well, you’ll go and you’ll get it. It’s there for the taking, waiting for you. The achiever will take it and live well. The under-achiever will watch television or surf social networking websites instead. Hey, whatever.

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