Start selling in the digital world!

You can get rich by utilising social media in the right way. If you don’t believe it then read on. A broker in New York recently sold $13 million worth of real estate just on social media. This is an amazing statistic and shows the route the business world is heading down. This broker could well be the pioneer of a new age of big business online.

Others have made monstrous amounts of money online, and some have had careers erupt with the help of the internet, but this story possesses charm and a human aspect that allows the working class to dream, and believe in their own abilities. Social media could be the gateway for people with fewer resources than most. Last month, Ryan Serchant, a NestSeekers agent says his team received a message on WeChat, one of the most popular social networking sites in China, from an investor declaring that they wanted to buy property in the city. The investor was interested in purchasing a unit at the Baccarat Hotels & Residences, which is a luxury condo, and he did with the aid of Serchant and other members on his team. He ended up purchasing a $10 million three-bedroom and a $3 million one-bedroom, all without setting foot in the city.

Sechant acknowledges that unseen deals are common, but they are more likely to take place via phone or email. This deal though is very special. “This price for a deal that was done and initiated 100 percent throughsocial media and across the world?” he asks. He goes on to discuss details of the deal and still seems in shock at how it came about: “A complete stranger who learned about us via social media ad basically gave us $13 million and change to invest in something that’s not even been built yet in a city they’ve never been to? I don’t think [anyone else has done that].”
This deal has cemented social media’s place in real estate for eternity, as the possibilities are now endless when networking is concerned. Serchant’s co-worker, Fredrik Ecklund of Douglas Elliman said that last month around a quarter of his business resulted from FacebookTwitter and Instagram. “It’s a viable piece of themarketing mix” says Matt Leoe, who is the director of web marketing and social media at Halstead Property.
This recent revelation is just more proof that social media is the strongest marketing device out there. It enables people to connect easily whilst advertising products, and this cannot be done in the traditional methods such as print. It makes life a lot easier for companies who rely on sales, and it allows firms to interlink all the departments, such as sales, customer service, and marketing. This creates a clean feel to a business model, and if the sales will increase like the one above then surely any companies that are not using social media will quickly consider otherwise.