SEO is dead? Apparently that’s what some people have been saying for over a decade now. Despite this, SEO is still alive and kicking. Running and jumping even. There are reasons that SEO will never die. Search engines like SEO, and search engines tend to dominate the web. In addition, people don’t realize that what they are finding on search engines is essentially advertisements and nothing else. If they knew this, they would look elsewhere for their information. This hasn’t stopped numerous Internet gurus from having their say about the supposedly imminent death of SEO, however. Web designers, bloggers, journalists, and startups are just a few of the groups who claim to be against SEO. Yet most of these people actually use SEO in order to market themselves. So should you listen to them, the people crying out against SEO but using it anyway? There’s really no way to get rid of SEO, and here’s an infographic that explains why:




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